Total Fights: 1206

Wins: 609

Losses: 597

Power Level: 5229

Loses Most To

Yoda Yoda
10 times
Princess Zelda Princess Zelda
7 times
Silver Surfer Silver Surfer
5 times

Wins Most Against

Ask a Ninja, ninja Ask a Ninja, ninja
6 times
Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic
5 times
Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien
5 times


Comment on Aang

Benign Princess
2009-08-24 13:51:40
'ello govna!

His power is the elements: Water,fire,earth,and air,but his main element he started with is air. So.....yeah...I think you get the idea and I am sure you have seen the cartoon. ^.^

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