Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego

Total Fights: 1145

Wins: 534

Losses: 611

Power Level: 4256

Loses Most To

Optimus Prime Optimus Prime
6 times
Magneto Magneto
6 times
Superman Superman
6 times

Wins Most Against

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln
5 times
Rick Astley Rick Astley
5 times
A Piece of Paper A Piece of Paper
4 times


Comment on Carmen Sandiego

2009-08-21 16:14:29
Steal their Seoul in South Korea, make Antarctica cry uncle...

2009-08-21 19:19:12
An age old question:

What would the offspring of Carmen and Waldo be like?

2009-08-21 22:46:52
Either the world's most terrible terrorist or greatest government agent.

2009-09-03 09:09:00
She can't win if she never sticks around long enough to fight.

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