Total Fights: 1216

Wins: 847

Losses: 369

Power Level: 6930

Loses Most To

Chuck Norris Chuck Norris
8 times
Predator Predator
5 times
Santa Claus Santa Claus
4 times

Wins Most Against

Steve Irwin Steve Irwin
6 times
Professor X Professor X
5 times
Fred Fred
5 times


Comment on Cthulhu

2009-08-03 05:58:18
Whoever speaketh of Cthulhu shall remember that he but seemeth dead, he sleeps, and yet he does not sleep, he has died and yet he is not dead, asleep and dead though he is, he shall rise again. Again it should be shown that

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die.

Gatling von Revolver
2009-08-22 23:48:14
it appears even the one that is dead but not dead cannot stand up to the fure that is Stephen Colbert, Capt. Falcon, and God.

2009-08-25 14:38:50
He could probably beat Falcon, unless Falcon uses his super Falcon Punch that busts the universe. Colbert, I'm not sure.

2009-10-31 11:28:15
Oh god, I'm going insane...

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