Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman

Total Fights: 1183

Wins: 802

Losses: 381

Power Level: 6752

Loses Most To

Freddy Kruger Freddy Kruger
5 times
Captain Hook Captain Hook
5 times
Luigi Luigi
5 times

Wins Most Against

Charles Montgomery Burns Charles Montgomery Burns
7 times
The Fresh Prince The Fresh Prince
6 times
The Powerpuff girls The Powerpuff girls
5 times


Comment on Gordon Freeman

2009-08-04 12:49:01
Mute hero of Black Mesa. He'll fuck you up with a crowbar.

2009-08-27 07:01:53
His crowbar will always win!

2009-08-27 17:41:03
There IS a Gordon Freeman:


The Light6
2009-08-28 08:13:12
podmena traffica testat character.

The Light6
2009-08-28 08:16:28
podmena traffica testlah stupid virus on this computer.
What that was meant to say was "Lame duplicate of great character."

2009-08-31 17:08:23
Merged the duplicate Gordon Freemans.

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