The Village People

The Village People

Total Fights: 1154

Wins: 452

Losses: 702

Power Level: 3322

Loses Most To

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8 times
Spock Spock
8 times
The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk
6 times

Wins Most Against

Ernest P. Worrell Ernest P. Worrell
5 times
Princess Peach Princess Peach
4 times
Aang Aang
4 times


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2009-08-24 12:02:44
Everybody wants to be a macho, macho man!

2009-09-12 16:09:57
In the navy, you can sail the seven seas!

In the navy, you can put your mind at ease!

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