Zero Puncutation: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

Zero Puncutation: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

Total Fights: 1169

Wins: 386

Losses: 783

Power Level: 2792

Loses Most To

Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic
8 times
Raptor Jesus Raptor Jesus
6 times
Rick Astley Rick Astley
6 times

Wins Most Against

Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic
22 times
Jersey Douchebags Jersey Douchebags
5 times
Michael Moore Michael Moore
3 times


Comment on Zero Puncutation: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

2009-08-13 08:12:15
The video game reveiwer who always finds at least 20 faults in every game, talks 560 words minute, and only likes two games, bioshoack and portal

2009-08-17 00:53:48
Didn't he also like "No More Heroes"?

2009-09-17 20:43:41
He also liked Saints Row 2.

2009-10-16 12:09:30
He also liked Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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